The City of Light

Paris is often called the city of lovers. Many of us have this vision of walking hand in hand with their lover admiring the beauty that is Paris.

Whether you fall in love with the jewel-like colors of Sainte Chapelle’s stained-glass windows, the tantalizing combination of steak-frites with a glass of red wine in a cozy bistro, or the experience of stepping back in time as you wander through narrow medieval streets of the Marais neighborhood, you’ll create memories of your own special Paris.

Even if you return a dozen times, you’ll never run out of new things to see and do.

Paris has earned a few nicknames. As one of the world’s major centers of art and enlightenment, it garnered a nickname of ‘’Ville des Lumières,’’ or “The City of Enlightenment’.’ Paris is also called “The City of Light,” as it’s one of the most-lit cities in the world. In 1828, Paris began lighting the Champs Elysées with gas lamps, and was the first city in Europe to do so.

Everybody’s list of must-see attractions will be different, but there are a few standouts you should consider.

The Eiffel Tower is worth the visit, especially if you can make it to the top and enjoy the amazing views. Dining at Madame Brasserie or Le Jules Verne is a culinary must for all foodies visiting Paris. The monumental Arc de Triomphe, and even the gleaming white Sacre Coeur set high on a hilltop, are part of the Paris skyline and easy to spot.

Spend a few moments inside Notre Dame (entrance is free) and admire the stunning stained glass—the South and North Rose Windows date back to the 13th century. Plan a visit to at least one of the most famous Paris museums and experience their masterpieces in person. See the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo at the Louvre, Van Gogh’s Starry Night at the Orsay, or cutting-edge contemporary art at Pompidou.

We encourage you to take time to stroll through an iconic neighborhood such as the Latin Quarter or Montmartre.

The City of Light never fails to deliver, whether you’re sitting outside one of its Old-World corner cafés or at a patisserie selling warm croissants, or in the underground jazz clubs, chic boutiques, or exceptional museums.

Fashion and art lovers shouldn’t miss the Frank Gehry-designed Foundation Louis Vuitton, which includes works by Basquiat and Jeff Koons. The recently restored and reopened Picasso Museum, in an exquisite 17th century mansion in the Marais, contains some 5,000 works. History buffs will love the Catacombs, a somewhat macabre but fascinating underground tomb.

And if you’re swept away by the food, you can learn how to make it yourself by taking a class at La Cuisine Paris.

Before you leave Paris, we recommend enjoying a sunset cruise along the Seine. The river Seine doesn’t just wind through the heart of Paris, it is the city’s heart. You can dine, drink, and play along the photogenic waterway with pit stops for art, shopping, and simply gazing. There are also a bevy of River Cruises that you can take that travel the river Seine throughout France.

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